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Turning heartbreak and introspection into angst-pop anthems, Cassie Dasilva’s songs explore breakups, nostalgia, and learning to love again. Combining saccharine vocals, intoxicating melodies, and hard-hitting lyrics, Dasilva gained popularity on TikTok and in the emerging pop community surrounding the July 2021 release of her debut independent EP, ‘Enough’. 100% female-produced by Hill Kourkoutis and Robyn Dell’Unto, the project has amassed nearly two million streams across platforms since its July 2021 release

Bursting onto the Canadian pop scene with a comparatively glossier sound, Dasilva released "Welcome to My Castle" and “Rough Cut” (produced by Juno award-winner, Mike Wise), under Universal Music Canada in 2018.  She ended that same year with the independent release of a holiday original, “Season’s Greetings” (featured in “The Christmas Wedding Planner”), and went on to release “Still in Love” independently in 2019.

Starting her 2021 EP release cycle with a bang, Dasilva’s lead single “Unsolicited Contact" and its 100% female and non-binary-made video went viral on TikTok shortly after its release, quickly surpassing over one million views and blowing up her follower count from under 100 to over 23,000.  The viral video was a DIY frenzy for Dasilva who spent months perfecting treatments, hand-picking (and hand-making) all of the props and wardrobe, and creative directing it all herself. Dasilva saw continued success through the year with her follow-up singles “We Might Break Up”, and “I Don’t Trust Anyone Anymore”, and their respective 100% female-made music videos.

The culminating release of Dasilva’s six-song EP included additional tracks ‘Enough’, ‘I Don’t Hang Out with My Exes’, and ‘Darkside’. Upon its release, EARMILK raved, “The vulnerability in this EP stands out. It's like she's talking to her audience as a best friend in a confiding moment. Her ability to pinpoint specific details throughout a relationship ties this EP together.”

Working alongside Canadian heavy-hitters Kourkoutis and Dell'Unto, Grammy-winning mastering engineer Emily Lazar, and Juno-winning mixer Jason Dufour, Dasilva's debut EP is a fearless DIY culmination of world-class pop songwriting, engineering, and production, with female collaboration and empowerment at its centre. An independent artist in full control for the first time, Cassie has found her voice and with it, an insatiable audience-- eagerly awaiting whatever’s next.


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