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Canadian singer/songwriter Eric Kidd began his musical career as a teenager. His early influences include such greats as Gordon Lightfoot, The Eagles, Neil Young, and others. Although Eric has been playing cover tunes for appreciative audiences for years, he is now inviting you to join him as he introduces his original material. The honesty and passion in his music and stories speak of life. You will hear hints of folk, blues, country and other genres as you listen.

Eric has always found that he is most at peace with a guitar in his hands, a microphone in his face and an audience in front of him. The pandemic has currently shelved live performances, so Eric has taken advantage of this downtime to start recording his catalogue of original material. His songs are a heartfelt blend of poetry and melodious guitar work. Eric invites you to join him as he embarks on this new chapter of his musical journey. Enjoy the ride.


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