The Perfect Sacrifice Tour



Two of the UK's most successful artists in one show stopping performance


Daniel East has been performing around the world as Ed Sheeran since 2015, live with the loop pedal and signature guitars, Daniel is believed to be closest to the real deal. Jeff Scott from Richmond Hill, Ontario has the looks and mannerisms of Elton John today and provides a superior performance like no other. During October 2021 Daniel and Jeff travelled to Alberta, Ontario and Vancouver Island and received countless 5 star reviews.



SEPTEMBER 15th - Chilliwack, BC

SEPTEMBER 16th - Abbotsford, BC

SEPTEMBER 17th -  Vancouver, BC

SEPTEMBER 20th - Edmonton, Alberta

SEPTEMBER 21st - Medicine Hat, Alberta

SEPTEMBER 23rd - Brandon, Manitoba

SEPTEMBER 24th - Winnipeg, Manitoba

SEPTEMBER 26th - Sydney, Nova Scotia

SEPTEMBER 27th - Halifax, Nova Scotia

SEPTEMBER 29th - Summerside, PEI


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